Not everyone owns a single standing home with a garden. Some opt for condo living as part of a strata and most condominiums or semi-detached homes have limited outdoor spaces. 

Introducing green, living plants into the home and or work place is a simple and cost effective solution to indoor air pollution. Plants also provide great psychological benefits such as reducing stress for example. Living plants help to ensure a healthy, pleasant welcoming environment in the home and office. 

The correct use of living plants can make a statement. The correct use of interior plants, palms and other foliage has the ability to enhance and harmonize any interior space. Just as exterior plants add beauty and curb appeal to any building, as well as combat pollution, by incorporating interior plants into your work environment, you can increase the aesthetics of your space, improve the health of your employees, reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, and improve the quality of the surrounding environment.

Condominium and town houses usually feature an outdoor or semi covered space out back which overlooks the common strata property. There is also usually a small alcove or entryway at the front entrance. Even though these spaces may be relatively small, they can still be used as creative Interior-scapes. This is where the Power Flower range of water and garden features are perfect. Our ceramic planters are colorful in rich blues, pristine whites, brilliant reds and terra cotta earthy tones.

Let Power Flower's talented team help you make the most of your limited space and at the same time create a welcoming and tranquil feel.