Power Flower's comprehensive year round fertilization program is designed to optimize your lawn's health as well as tree, shrub and bloom vitality.

It is important to understand that you can not use generic fertilizer for specific purposes. Also know that your plants, hedges or trees can not grow without the correct balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Therefore choosing fertilizer with the wrong balance of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium for your flowers, lawn or vegetable plants could result in more harm than good. Power Flower makes every effort to stock fertilizer that has the correct balance for particular purposes.

The Bloom Special is meant for flowering ornamentals, we also have a Palm special, a Super Fruiter and of course fertilizer meant for your lawn or orchards. Ask Power Flower about our range of fertilizers to determine which is best for your purposes. Fertilizer applications will be made regularly throughout the year to ensure healthy lawn, trees and shrubs.

Applications will be made according to the needs of your specific properties needs taking into account soil type, soil PH, soil temperatures, available soil moisture and irrigation as well as specific plant types on the property.

When you are signed up for a landscape maintenance contract with Power Flower your property will be inspected monthly for insects and disease from where any infestations will be treated. Inspection and treatment includes your lawn, shrub, flowerbeds and trees. 

Diseases and insects tend to appear seasonally. Power Flower applies preventative applications in these events to reduce the likely appearance of insects or diseases. Pesticide treatments will be made with the safest and most effective pesticide at the lowest possible effective rate for the problem that is being treated.

Always remember to keep pets and children off the areas treated until the pesticide dries.